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Paintball Challenge Outing

By Voon Zhen Yi
February 25, 2017
BUKIT JALIL, Kuala Lumpur -  It was towards the end of the second month of the year. The Boys were in high spirits, but there was a tinge of restlessness beginning to emerge from the new recruits and the senior Boys who have undergone constant weeks of practices in preparation for the Company’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Because of this, the Senior Section officers decided to give the Boys a change of pace and to let off steam. The chosen activity – paintball!
Left: Briefing on the rules of paintball. Centre: The Boys gearing up for battle! Right: The peace before the storm
It turned out that paintball was quite an expensive activity. Fortunately, one located in Bukit Jalil called Xtion Paintball Park was quite reasonable.

Most of the Boys did not know what to expect. Only 1 or 2 of them had ever played paintball before. For the rest, a sense of anticipation and excitement of shooting others and being shot in return arose. But parents need not have worried as the Boys wore a protective mask and chest plate, though that was it. So there was enough protection to prevent the Boys from being blind and losing a limb, but not enough to prevent bruising. In fact, some of the Boys seemed proud of the fact they received battle scars. 

Left: Lock and load. Centre: The battle round begins! Right: Survivors of the first wave. 
33 players took part in the paintball matches, including two of the officers, whilst some others observed. The air-powered rifles shot paint loaded pallets projectiles meant for their targets – either a bottle or the foes on the opposing team. Adrenaline pumped through the vains of each person and just like how it works on a regular first-person shooter computer or video game – each round felt like it lasted a brief 10 minutes when it in actual fact was much longer.  
Left: Action all around. Centre: Some Boys taking cover from the shots. Right: The Boys posing after the gun fight.
The getaway was a good break, after which, the Boys returned to YMCA for some pizza before heading home or going about more practices. 
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