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60th Enrolment

July 16, 2017

YMCA Kuala Lumpur, BRICKFIELDS - With memories still fresh from of the 60th Anniversary Dinner, Thanksgiving, and Show just two weeks prior, the 3rd KL Boys were back into action once again it’s annual Enrolment & Awards Day (E&A). An E&A is a standard feature event in any BB Company as it is the day BB members commit to another year of service and an occasion for the receiving of awards and even some promotions.

It was a toned-down programme this year as for many months the Company were on “anniversary celebration steroids” and bearing in mind that any performance item that would have been performance in E&A would have been the same as those already witnessed during the dinner two weeks before. Hence, it was a simple and straight to the point event – presentation of awards, promotions, the enrolment pledge, and lights out!

This year, the Company was the following awards being given:

Best Squad – Squad Bravo

Best Pre-Junior – PJnr. Nallapu R.V.S.*

Best Junior – CJLr. Jordan Thong

Best Recruit – Pte. Chan Qi-Yew

Best Boy – Pte. Matthew Laurence

 (*Name not revealed in full for security purposes) 


 The following promotions and appointments were also made:

Private to Lance Corporal 

LCpl. Matthew Laurence 
LCpl. Joshua Ang 
LCpl. Chang Jun Jie, Andrew 
LCpl. Muthu Kumaran 

Lance Corporal to Corporal 

Cpl. Lee Yit Wei 
Cpl. Kalem Bishorek Low 

Corporal to Sergeant

Sgt. Lim Tze Shen, Jason

Appointment of Staff Sergeants 

SSgt. Au Jern Mun
SSgt. Fong Hao Nan
SSgt. Ong Zhexun
SSgt. Wong Chee Hang

Appoint of Lieutenants 

Mr. Ng Jiehan 
Mr. Jarod Kok Weng Yew 

The 60th E&A, despite being a comparatively straight forward event this time around, proved no less meaningful for the Company.  


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