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Year End Camp at Sitiawan and Pangkor

December 2-6, 2017

MANJUNG, PERAK - Every end of the year, the 3rd KL Boys’ Brigade organises a special getaway just to relax and unwind. This year, the chosen location was the Manjung District, specifically the town of Sitiawan and Pangkor Island.


The camp was divided into two parts. The Company was housed in Chin Hock Chinese Methodist Church on December 2-4, 2017 to focus on band preparations for an upcoming performance.  Chin Hock Church is also home to the 2nd Manjung Company. Both companies spent two enjoyable days of fellowship through games during the day. At night and other free times, 3rd KL focused on song playing and marching practices. The Company was also privileged to have Gregory from Battery Headz to impact his knowledge in percussion and the marching band in the first three days. 3rd KL has not been marching for more than 5 years, so it was an “interesting” reintroducing to band members who had to relearn playing on the march.

After lunch on December 4th, it was finally a proper play time for 3rd KL. But not before the Boys washed the cars of the 2nd Manjung Company members, whom graciously offered to drive our Boys to the Lumut Jetty.  The Boys were also given a treat by Madam Lau, who bought kom piahs, a local Foo Chow delicacy.  3rd KL is very thankful to 2ndManjung for their excellent hospitality and friendship.

On Pangkor Island, the Boys stayed at Seagull Resort, which the Company has used several times in the past. Much leisure time was spent on the beach where the Boys played water sports or simply taking a dip in the sea. At night, singspiration and the sharing of the Word takes place. On the second night by a sketch was performed by all squads for amusement of one another. The programme was simple, but proved an enjoyable time of fellowship and bonding.


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